Understanding the Enforcement of Environmental Provisions in South Sudan's Petroleum Act 2012

Date: 19 March 2015

Location: Gudele Hall, Juba Grand Hotel

Organizer: The Sudd Institute


Following its independence in 2011, the Republic of South Sudan embarked on a journey that aimed at ensuring prudent management of the natural resources the young nation is endowed with. Towards this end, the country enacted the Petroleum Act 2012, which set a broad purpose of managing the petroleum industry “in an ethical, sufficient, transparent and accountable manner”.

Three years on, there is a need to evaluate the extent to which the environment provisions enshrined in this seemingly ambitious petroleum law are being enforced in South Sudan. To foster a better understanding of the extent of the enforcement, The Sudd Institute is sponsoring a public lecture to be delivered by Nhial Tiitmamer. The lecture will generate discussions and dialogue among the stakeholders namely: the government, petroleum companies and the civil society organizations to find ways of fully implementing the environmental provisions in the Petroleum Act 2012.


Nhial Tiitmamer
, Policy Analyst, The Sudd Institute 


Hon. Victor Wurda Lotombe
, Acting Undersecretary, Ministry of Environment


Hon. Humoon Chol Deng, Ministry of Petroleum, Mining and Industry


Dr. Andrew Athiba, Assistant Professor, University of Juba


J. Dandy Aguilar, Acting HSE Manger, Sudd Petroleum Operating Co. Ltd.


Dr. Scopas Dima
, Chairperson, Investment Authority, Central Equatoria



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