The South Sudanization of the Petroleum Sector Through Local Content: Is this Dream within Reach?

Date: 23 July 2015

Location: 2:00p.m - 5:30p.m, Home & Away Business Center

Organizer: The Sudd Institute & Cordaid


South Sudan’s attainment of independence in July 2011 sparked a genuine hope of an irreversible change. Among the areas where this long overdue change was expected were political, socio-economic, cultural and educational spheres. In a nod to signal the new dawn of the South Sudanese leadership at hand, particularly in the petroleum sector labor force dominated by foreign nationals, the National Legislative Assembly enacted the Petroleum Act, 2012. The expressed aim of the Act is to put South Sudanese at the center of economic growth.


Three years on, there is a need to review the extent to which the implementation of the Act has succeeded. To conduct this appraisal of the Petroleum law so as to foster a better understanding of this very important law, the Sudd Institute in conjunction with Cordaid is sponsoring a public lecture. The lecture will highlight the local content provisions contained in the Act. Moreover, it will identify strengths and loopholes that might be inherent in the law, which could hinder successful implementation.  Finally, it concludes with action-oriented recommendations that aim at ensuring that South Sudanese labor force is made the engine for economic growth and development.



Nhial Tiitmamer, Policy Analyst, The Sudd Institute



Hon. Paul Adong, Adviser, Ministry of Petroleum and Mining


Hon. Angeth Dut, Undersecretary, Ministry of Labor and Public Service


Prof. John Akec, Vice Chancellor, University of Juba



Census Kabang Lo-liyong, Environmental Management Specialist 


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