UN and the Post-conflict Reconstruction in South Sudan

Date: 22 October 2015

Location: 2:00p.m - 5:30p.m, Gudele Hall, Juba Grand Hotel

Organizer: The Sudd Institute & UNDP


After experiencing a very costly war for nearly two years, South Sudanese breathed a sigh of relief when the warring parties along with other stakeholders signed a peace agreement this past August. Although no meaningful steps are taken yet to fully operationalize this accord, people remain somewhat hopeful that the parties will follow through with the implementation so as to usher in a new era for peace and stability. Of course, signature alone is not enough but this indicates the willingness and commitment on the part of the parties to peacefully end the conflict.


In order to turn a new page on what practically is a grueling, dark chapter in the life of this young republic, South Sudan seriously needs all the support it can get from its international development partners. Indeed, one such partner is the UN and its various agencies. To explore some of the key areas through the UN system might be well positioned in terms of helping South Sudan to meaningfully push through its peace building and post-conflict reconstruction agenda, The Sudd Institute in conjunction with UNDP is sponsoring a public lecture. The lecture will underscore the importance of having close collaboration between the government and UN as they work to ensure that the country strategically rebuilds itself anew.



Zacharia Diing Akol, Senior Policy Analyst, The Sudd Institute



Hon. Abdon Agaw Jok, Secretary General, Government of South Sudan


Dr. Kimo Adiebo, Country Economist, World Bank


Lona Elia James, Executive Director, Voice for Change



Hon. Peter Lam Both, Former Chairperson, Relief & Rehabilitation Commission


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