Press Statement on Allegations by Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba

Author: The Sudd Institute

Date: 7 October 2016


Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba recently accused the Sudd Institute of receiving support from the Office of the President of South Sudan, and as having been part of “the power brokers behind Salva Kiir’s presidency1.” This is not true. While the Institute can legally receive funds from the government to expand its research mission on policy matters, it has never received monetary or other support from any government institution. The Institute challenges Dr. Nyaba to produce proof of this allegation.

Dr. Nyaba was responding to a document published on purported to be a plan by the Dinka to rule South Sudan for 200 years. This document is not credible and even if it were, the Sudd Institute does not support any such thinking. South Sudan is a diverse country and citizens from all regions, ethnic communities, religious affiliation or political affiliations have equal right before the law to hold office and have unfettered access to basic services.

The Sudd Institute has been getting funds from the international organizations and foreign government institutions, namely the USIP, DFID, CORDAID, and UNDP. Our publications bear the names of these institutions. The Institute’s public debates, some of which Dr. Nyaba has attended, open with an acknowledgement of a funder/funders. Still, these donors do not dictate the Institute’s work. Most important, the Institute rejects financial support that may interfere with its independence.

The Sudd Institute works with all the stakeholders, including the government, opposition groups, civil society organizations, international organizations and foreign missions in the country to inform public policy and practice, to create opportunities for discussion and debate, and to improve analytical capacity in South Sudan. In our approach, we do not antagonize any of our stakeholders, for if we do, it would contradict our mission of convincing decision-makers and political leaders to adopt policies that help achieve a just, peaceful and prosperous South Sudan. We regularly conduct research and hold public discourses. The Sudd Institute’s staffs associate or interact with all stakeholders either through research interviews or through exchanges of views either privately or publicly. The Sudd Institute does not censor its employees and affiliates and so they can affiliate, make comments, or remain silent at their liberty, provided that they are not purporting to be representing the official views of the Institute. The official positions of the Institute are published on its website and circulated through email and social media outlets.

By this statement, the Sudd Institute wishes to assure the public and its partners that it remains steadfast in its vision and mission and will continue to sponsor public debates and conduct research as objectively as it has always done. It will continue to engage all stakeholders in an attempt to restore and sustain peace in the country. The Institute rejects attempts by the warring parties to coopt CSOs and academic or research institutions into their politics as occurred during the ARCISS negotiations.


1 Read Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba’s allegations here between-arciss-abrogation-and-dinka-development-plan-for-200-years-a-response-to-the-jieng- council-of-elders/


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