The Sudd Institute Calls for Peter Biar Ajak’s Release or be Charged Formally

Author: The Sudd Institute

Date: 3 August 2018




For Immediate Release 3rd August 2018


The Sudd Institute Calls for Peter Biar Ajak’s Release or be Charged Formally


This past Saturday, the Sudd Institute learned of Peter Biar Ajak’s arrest by South Sudan’s National Security Service (NSS). The reasons for his arrest have not been made known to the public. Mr. Peter is an emerging intellectual, who contributes to South Sudan’s policy discourses through two sisterly policy research institutions to the Sudd Institute—CSAR and International Growth Center (IGC). Through his work as a political commentator and activist, Mr. Peter’s approach represents what South Sudan most needs—a culture of challenging authorities/others using ideas, not violence.


As a colleague, the Sudd Institute is deeply concerned that Mr. Peter remains in custody for nearly a week now without any charges brought against him. The Sudd Institute does not necessarily endorse Mr. Peter’s views, including his generational exit model. However, as a free citizen of a free people, Mr. Peter deserves space to express his thoughts/views about the affairs of his country, as long as this is done within the realm of appropriate laws of South Sudan.


Therefore, the Sudd Institute calls upon South Sudan’s authorities to either immediately release Mr. Peter or charge him before the court of law. In the absence of a due course of the law, Mr. Peter’s continued detention ultimately violates his civil liberties and rights, which are enshrined in our Constitution. These rights are so fundamental to our existence as individuals and without them, we are simply slaves of a system we created. Nevertheless, we recognize the power of the state to subject anyone of us who violates the law to questioning, provided this is carried out in accordance with the law.





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