Staffing Changes at the Sudd Institute

Date: 22 February 2019


The Sudd Institute


Press Release


February 22, 2019


Subject: Staffing Changes at the Sudd Institute


The Sudd Institute, a local think tank based in Juba, South Sudan, wishes to inform the public about its staffing changes at the Institute.


First, the Board of Directors of the Institute appointed Abraham A. Awolich as the Acting Executive Director with full powers of the Executive Director. Second, the Sudd Institute promoted Nhial Tiitmamer from a program officer to the level of a director. Lastly, the Institute also added Nyathon Hoth Mai as a program officer for Environment and Natural Resources, on a full-time basis. 


The Sudd Institute welcomes the new staff members, congratulates the newly promoted members, and wishes all a successful career at the Institute.


About the Sudd Institute


The vision of the Sudd Institute is to be the leading research, training, and policy analysis institution that promotes justice, peace, and prosperity in South Sudan and beyond. The Institute’s mission is to conduct research and policy analysis to inform decision making and improve public policy, offers targeted trainings to improve skills and capacity, and serves as a platform for organizing public events aimed at promoting public participation, influencing policy and building a democratic society.  


About the New Staff 


Before joining the Institute full time, Nyathon Hoth Mai worked as Research Associate between Oct 2015 and Jan 2019. She has a BSc in Geology from the Federation University, Australia, and an MSc in Global Energy and Climate Policy from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Her research interest areas include Geology, climate change and energy policy, and issues affecting South Sudanese women. In addition, Nyathon was the Co-founder and Managing Director of My Referendum for Freedom (MRF) that actively engaged the South Sudanese youth from all over South Sudan and diaspora as a vehicle for civic education to the rest of the populace during the South Sudan Referendum. She also devoted much of her time to South Sudan community development in Australia.






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