Press Release:

Author: Sudd Institute

Date: 6 May 2019



The Sudd Institute is deeply saddened and shocked by the news of Dong Samuel’s death. Mr. Dong was the Sudd Institute’s Board Secretary from 2012 until he fled the country in 2013. Dong, a gentleman with unmatched integrity and love for his country, served his people with class.


The Sudd Institute’s Senior Management and the Board of Directors wish to express their solidarity with late Dong’s family, friends, colleagues, and the nation at large, sending them sincere sympathies and condolences.


The Sudd Institute stands for the right of all citizens to express their views, political or otherwise, freely. Thus, no citizen should ever be subjected to death or repression simply for expressing their views about the country or about its political leadership. The Government of South Sudan should investigate and lay to bare facts about why and who killed Dong Samuel and Aggrey Idri.



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