Railway: A Better Option than Pipeline for South Sudan

The Sudd Institute

Author: Samuel Nyuon Akoi Nyuon

Organization: The Sudd Institute

Type: Policy Briefs

Date: 22/02/2013


Publication Summary

The frustration over the impasse in the negotiations with Sudan, and the urgent desire to rescue the economy are understandable. However, this should not cloud the nation’s vision for long-term investment dealing with the oil sector. Caution and thoughtfulness need to be exercised when it comes to deciding an alternative way of exporting South Sudan’s oil. Crude oil can be transported in many ways: over land through a pipeline, by train, or by truck. To some extent, oil could even be transported on river barges. For South Sudan, all the aforementioned options are worth considering, and railway may turn out to be the most attractive of these.


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