Regional Conferences in South Sudan Are Imperative

The Sudd Institute

Author: Lual A. Deng

Organization: The Sudd Institute

Type: Weekly Reviews

Date: 25/06/2013


Publication Summary

Justice Deng Biong has triggered an opportune and a healthy discourse on the relevance of regional conferences based on the colonial division of the South into three administrative provinces of Bahr el-Ghazal, Equatoria, and Upper Nile. Like a good legal scholar, Justice Deng Biong has based his argument on the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan of 2011 (TCSS-2011), arguing against regional conferences. I would not follow his model, but rather use three fundamentals—nation-building, democratic transformation, and good governance—of political economy in support of the regional conferences.


This week, the Sudd Institute reviews the implications of regional conferences, identifying some key opportunities these present for nation-building, democratic transformation, and good governance.


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