Understanding the Parameters of Lakes State Authorities' Extremism on Alcohol Production and Consumption

The Sudd Institute

Author: Agook Mayek

Organization: The Sudd Institute

Type: Weekly Reviews

Date: 28/05/2013


Publication Summary

The case of Lakes State's ban on both alcohol production and consumption is very corporeal and at the same time interesting, particularly, when one looks at its pros and cons. In the olden days of Khartoum regime, there were profound constrictions to alcohol production and consumption in the country, which constituted an allegiance to sharia Laws. However, the radicalism never became a panacea, as people could still creep secretly to brew and consume it. That was Khartoum phenomenon, but what is the verdict on this extremism and alcohol ban in Lakes State?


This week, the Sudd Institute reviews the meaning and consequences of this decision, equally offering insights for practice.  


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