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Program Manager



Email: ntiitmamer@suddinstitute.org


University of Calgary, Canada, MSc, Sustainable Energy Development
University of Alberta, Canada, BA, Environmental Studies


Nhial Tiitmamer has served as the Director of the Environment and Natural Resources Program at The Sudd Institute where he is currently on leave to work with United Nations in South Sudan (UNMISS). He has served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Juba where he has taught Environmental Economics, Natural Resources Economics and Environmental Sociology. Between November 2021 and November 2022, Nhial worked as Senior Environment Associate with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Juba. Before returning from Canada in 2013, Nhial worked at Arletta Environmental Consulting in Calgary and at University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus in Camrose in Alberta, Canada. Nhial’s research focusses on natural resources governance, environmental protection, climate change, and sustainable energy. He was awarded in May 2023 by the Board of Directors of The Sudd Institute with Research Impact Award for policy impacts. Nhial holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a minor in English Literature from the University of Alberta and an M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Development from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.



The South Sudan’s New Land Policy: Contestations and Critical Issues for Considerations in the Constitution Making Process 27/11/2023
To dredge or not to dredge the White Nile’s tributaries: is the cart before the horse? 15/06/2022
The Tragedy of the Unregulated: Why the Government should Reform the Charcoal Sector 26/04/2022
Salary Adjustment for the South Sudanese Legislature: Policy Implications 08/02/2022
Local Content in Practice: Improving the Participation of South Sudanese in the Petroleum Industry 09/03/2021
Sitting on a Time Bomb: Oil Pollution Impacts on Human Health in Melut County, South Sudan 26/01/2021
South Sudan’s devastating floods: why there is a need for urgent resilience measures 23/11/2020
Remediating South Sudan’s War-induced Petroleum Environmental Damage: Environmental baseline Conditions and Current Impacts 24/06/2020
The COVID-19 Pandemic Vulnerability Factors in South Sudan 15/05/2020
The Economic Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Sudan 10/05/2020
The Return to Ten States in South Sudan: Does it Restore Peace? 21/02/2020
South Sudan's devastating floods: why they happen and why they need a coherent national policy 11/12/2019
Confronting a Life-threatening Pollution: A Guide for Credible Environmental and Social Audit of Petroleum Companies’ Operations in South Sudan 04/11/2019
Compliance with Petroleum Industry Transparency and Accountability Rules in South Sudan 16/07/2019
Climate Services Model for South Sudan’s Rural Farmers and Agro-pastoralists 27/11/2018
Transitioning to Renewable Energy: An Analysis of Energy Situation in Juba, South Sudan 27/11/2018
Climate Change and Gender in South Sudan 01/08/2018
The Petroleum Revenue Sharing Arrangement in South Sudan 22/05/2018
Climate Change and Conflicts in South Sudan 10/05/2018
Understanding the Cessation of Hostilities Agreements Violations in South Sudan 09/01/2018
The Revitalization of the ARCSS and the Prospects for Peace in South Sudan 21/11/2017
The State of the South Sudanese National Unity 18/05/2017
Land Tenure in South Sudan: Does it Promote Climate Change Resilience? 01/03/2017
The Flaws in Kate Almquist Knopf’s Call for Trusteeship in South Sudan 20/10/2016
Transitional Justice for Stabilizing South Sudan: Lessons from Global and Local Contexts 21/07/2016
Transparency and Accountability in South Sudan’s Petroleum Industry 03/05/2016
Making Sense of South Sudan’s New Petroleum HSE Management Systems and Plan Regulations 28/04/2016
Sporadic Fuel Crisis in South Sudan: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions 03/03/2016
The South Sudanization of the Petroleum Industry Through Local Content: Is the Dream within Reach? 20/10/2015
The Creation of 28 South Sudanese States: Is It Economically and Legally Viable? 06/10/2015
Untangling the Deal Breakers in the Partially Signed South Sudanese Peace Agreement and the Options on the Table 25/08/2015
Understanding the Enforcement of Environmental Provisions of Petroleum Act, 2012 and Why Environmental Ruin Continues 21/04/2015
Assessment of Policy and Institutional Responses to Climate Change and Environmental Disaster Risks in South Sudan 30/03/2015
The Impracticality of Sanctions and Why Diplomacy Makes Sense in South Sudan 17/02/2015
Deconstructing the Protocol on Agreed Principles and the Peace Process 04/12/2014
The Release of South Sudan’s Political Detainees and the Prospects for Peace 28/04/2014
South Sudan’s Mining Policy and Resource Curse 22/04/2014
Alternatives to UN Trusteeship and Joint Administration Proposals Provided: A Response to Kuir Garang 07/04/2014
South Sudan’s Crisis: A UN Trusteeship or Joint Administration is Outlandish 11/03/2014
A Search for Lasting Peace: Ending South Sudan’s Devastating Conflict 24/02/2014
South Sudan’s Anti-Corruption Efforts and Poor Global Ranking 17/01/2014


The Sudd Institute, Program Manager (2013 - )


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