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Threat of Sanctions against South Sudanese Leaders: What Implications?

Jok Madut Jok | 15 April 2014

The conflict in South Sudan between the government of Salva Kiir and the opposition forces, led by former Vice President Riek Machar Teny, has undoubtedly escalated into a civil war. The two sides have so far failed to reach a negotiated settlement and have continued to cause death, destruction and...

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South Sudan’s Violence: The Health Implications

Augustino Ting Mayai | 11 April 2014

Since South Sudan’s internal conflict struck roughly four months ago, concerned nations, organizations, and individuals scrambled for a remedial response. The pressure, particularly from the international community engineered by a number of Western and IGAD countries, mounted.

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on trusteeshipa response

Alternatives to UN Trusteeship and Joint Administration Proposals Provided: A Response to Kuir Garang

Abraham Awolich and Nhial Tiitmamer | 7 April 2014

This response is prompted by a written critique of an article published by the Sudd Institute on March 11, 2014 regarding the proposed Joint Administration and UN Trusteeship. The Sudd Institute’s article critiques the proposal of a UN Trusteeship and Joint International Community South Sudanese administration as potential mechanisms to...

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South Sudan’s Crisis: A UN Trusteeship or Joint Administration is Outlandish

Nhial Tiitmamer & Abraham A. Awolich | 11 March 2014

Since mid-December, 2013, when the conflict started in South Sudan, several international experts and analysts have come up with a flurry of ideas on how to end the violence and chart a way forward for the bleeding nation.

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Ugandas involvement

The Question of Ugandan Troops in South Sudan

Abraham A. Awolich | 4 March 2014

Following the violent events of December 15, 2013, the Government of South Sudan felt the need to request Intergovernmental Authority on Development’s (IGAD) member states to assist in quelling a rebellion that threatened to unseat an elected government.

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a searchlastingpeace3

A Search for Lasting Peace: Ending South Sudan’s Devastating Conflict

Nhial Tiitmamer & Abraham Awolich | 24 February 2014

For over two months, the people of South Sudan have been experiencing a renewed and devastating conflict that has inflicted significant suffering upon them.  Triggered by an alleged failed coup, the International Crisis Group (ICG) estimates that 10,000 people have been killed and hundreds of thousands made destitute and forced...

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unwarranted carnage

The Unwarranted Carnage in South Sudan

Abraham A. Awolich | 13 February 2014

This analysis is an attempt to make sense of the current crisis in the Republic of South Sudan.  The country is experiencing a catastrophic violence since its independence merely two and half years ago. The conflict, which emanates mainly from a mismanaged political discord, has caused massive loss in lives,...

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The 2015 National Census and Elections: An Analysis of President Kiir’s Announcements

Augustino Ting Mayai, Martin Abucha, and Jok Madut Jok | 1 February 2014

The recent violence in South Sudan has sparked a range of reactions comprising deep divisions in public criticisms between those supporting the government and those supporting the rebels. These public reactions also spurred analysis of contemporary and historical causes of discontents in the SPLM, what the role of the international...

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gender equalitySR

A Strategy for Achieving Gender Equality in South Sudan

Jane Kani Edward | 28 January 2014

This study seeks to examine how structural factors, customary laws and traditional practices, and economic hardships shape women’s status and hinder their effective participation in leadership positions in South Sudan. By doing so, the study identifies some of the socio-cultural, economic, legal, educational and political conditions, which lead to gender...

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Understanding the Emergence of South Sudan’s Current Violence: Political, Social, and Institutional Explanations

Augustino Ting Mayai | 22 January 2014

On December 15th, 2013, gunfire erupted in the South Sudanese city of Juba. At the scene, several soldiers were instantly killed and numerous others injured. The next few hours were punctuated by spread of violence in the city, with authorities concluding the event as being an attempted coup.

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